About us

The SINTERMETAL Company has been regarded as one of the most famous manufacturers of gas and electrical product lines thanks to its high quality products which are made of first-class domestic and imported raw materials. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the established world standards and attested by the authorized institutions.
A great number of satisfied clients proves the fact that the company has been successfully managing its business affairs. SINTERMETAL has been fulfilling the expectations and satisfying the requirements of all its partners since it was founded in 1986.

The company facilities extend over 1500 m² (square meters) of the modernly equipped office space. A team of highly – qualified experts is there to make sure that the market is constantly supplied with all necessary products and spare parts.
In order to meet all your requirements and reach a higher quality level of our products, we have been following all current world trends and technology improvements in this specific field. Therefore, we are in position to offer you the best gas and electrical product lines in this part of the world. The fact that our prices are set according to our buyers’ capacities is our company’s best recommendation.