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Dry thermocouple 8A – for acetylene, propane butane, natural gas

Code / 27020

The use of
– The thermostat 8 A is designed and constructed to protect the central water of acetylene, propane butane and other fuel gas from the return flame, as well as the return current of the gas.
– Replaces all types of water fuses on cantilever divisions with 100% safety, because it excludes the human factor from the level of safety.

The basic functions of the thermostat 8A
– Stopping the flame retardant using a sinter sleeve (3)
– Stop the return of the gas flow by means of a non-return valve (2)
– Stopping the supply of gas from the source using a thermoventil (4) which reacts at a temperature of 145 ° C
– Gas Filtering by Filter (1)