Welding and cutting equipment

Gold Star – Burner set for all types of soldering, heat treatment and melting of metals and non-metals

Code / 27050

The Golden Star is a small burner designed for goldsmiths, dentists, frigomatics, precision mechanics, hobbyists, industrial designers. As a fuel gas, it uses propane / butane, acetylene, hydrogen and methane, and as an oxidizer uses acid or compressed air.

Standard Kit contains:
1. Burner holder with two valves for adjusting the flow of fuel gas and oxidizer.
2. Soldering and welding torch with 4 nozzles of different sizes for propane / butane (optionally for acetylene or other fuel gas) and oxide.

3. Heating burner and multi-hole for propane / butane and oxide.

4. Gas inlet hose with reducer valve connections (4 m):
blue for oxygen and compressed air (connection R1 / 4 “) – red for propane / butane (connection R 3/8 / ‘L).

Kit according to special requirement with standard set:
1. Nozzle for combining propane / butane with compressed air of various sizes.
2. Nozzles for acetylene, hydrogen or methane in combination with an oxide of different sizes.
3. Adapters for non-standard connection of hoses to reduction valves

Hand protection mask for welding

Code / 27060

It is made of premium plastic mass resistant to mechanical stresses, as well as to the spray temperature that occurs during welding. The shape and size of the mask are in accordance with world and European standards. The glass dimensions are in accordance with the new Euro-standards and are 90 × 11 0 mm. The mask is equipped with black glass according to DIN 10; 11; 12; 13 depending on the customer’s request, as well as the white glass front, in the function of protecting the black glass.

Both glasses are easily interchangeable due to the simple construction of the closing mechanism.

The manufacturer is obliged to have both glasses at all times in order to satisfy the potentially protective ebay markets for spare glasses.